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Painting in Curacao during Pleinair Curacao 2015 . Photograph: Gail Johnson.

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Kristin's work captures the “essence of life in the moment” with brushstrokes of color.

“There is an awakening that happens when painting from life: one learns to see the interaction of light on form. Working quickly, with minimal brushstrokes, the artwork becomes abbreviated and poetic. Most of my work is plein air or ala prima. Working wet on wet, most paintings are completed within one session. The intention of my work is to provide a visual respite, a healing moment; to remind the viewer to take the time to be thankful for this beautiful world that we live in. Art has the power to turn a viewer’s attention. It is my hope that viewers of my work relive a memory, gain a smile and experience a happy heart“

Her paintings can be found in private and corporate collections throughout the US.

Kristin currently works in her studio located in the Box Factory for the Arts in St. Joseph, MI

Kristin K Hosbein

Fine Art